Brother Multi-Chain Validator

Harmony & Findora

8 - 10% % APY Staking with BrotherONE Validator on Harmony Blockchain

We run two servers supporting our validator to maximize your earning potential. We want to make sure our delegators are able to learn and grow their Harmony portfolio as they help us support Harmony decentralization. We work with the community to adopt and support the governance of the Harmony Blockchain.

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DO NOT send $ONE directly to the address

Average 31.78% in returns for the Findora network. Lowest 8%

Welcome to Brother.FRA! We are a dedicated, long term validators from Harmony here to begin supporting Findora. We respect our delegators and support their voice in Proof of Stake protocols. Findora allows the support of anonymity of their investors and we believe we have the skills to help Findora and governance. Your delegations are always appreciated no matter how small.

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1,556,530 FRA

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We appreciate your support in our Journey. We look forward to serving our delegator and helping them grow their portfolios. Please reach out for any questions or concerns.

Email us, or reach out to us on Twitter and Telegram for any inquiries you may have.